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Age (13 & ABOVE)

This class is attended by 13 years of age or older. 

Our Iljin School is well organized for teenagers and adults.

Basic physical strength is an important part of a person's life.

Taekwondo training can help you develop basic physical strength.

First, flexibility is the most fundamental.

Unfortunately, this flexibility decreases rapidly as you get older.

However, taekwondo training can slow down or prevent a decrease in flexibility.


The second is to improve muscle strength and agility.

In the case of Taekwondo, you can train through various training methods rather than simple repetitive movements, so you can train interestingly, and you can exercise in the muscles and posture of the body that are not used well in general life, which can help you develop agility and build muscle strength.

Finally, the balance of the body gets better.

Taekwondo training, which always reminds you of balance, can help you recover your body's imbalance naturally.

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